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  • Well said, Sax. You obviously get it. I think that LouASS is sma...  more
  • TRUE!

    LouASS said:--> Many (Yes, I know not all)  Femin...  more
  • Hey LouASS, you know I have respect for you, but I have to say y...  more
  • No LouASS I NEVER said that she was doing the right thing. How o...  more
  • -->So Lopaw you truly believe she is doing the right thing wi...  more
  • @ LouASS - It's not just MEN who are hurt by stuff like this. Wo...  more
  • -->StripClubFanatic,   Just leave it to a Feminists...  more
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  • A little late to be asking, but are any clubs offer fathers' day specials?
  • There were actually 3 Mongolian girls at DVCOI back in the day.
    ...  more
  • I agree about Mongolian girls.  A few years ago there was o...  more
  • Habibski said:
    I seen a Big chichi Latina thick, KING Sal style....  more
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