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Sell Out's

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    February 1, 2012 2:38 PM PST

    Shills all over the place advertiseing what club to go to and, still

    no info on who is offering the best menu... other than price's on dances.

    This is why in my opinion this ZBonehead2.0  is rigged for Advertiseing let's say for instance

    where Amber is working.Who cares

    I want to know whats on the Menu.......

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    February 1, 2012 5:10 PM PST
    Thank's for understanding !
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    February 3, 2012 2:09 PM PST
    I can see that you guys don't like the new format and need to vent but not sure what changes you want made. I'm here to try to make this place better but give me some concrete suggestions.

    You realize that on the old site, you could post info on the Bulletin Board (now this Forum) and on the Reader Review Board (how Club discussion area). So from the technical side, everything that was there before is still here. Only new features were added.

    If you are complaining that there are less people posting on here, that's not true. That's because there are new people on here that have replaced people that left. From the stats, it's about the same in numbers. However, I agree with you that the new people do not post the same type of information as before, especially the kind of information that you are looking for.

    Both of you are right that there are shills in here promoting their stuff, events, specials, etc. On the old site, I used to get complaints that the club information was not up-to-date and events were not being listed. Now you guys complain there's too much of it. It's a no win situation for me. I think information is power. You don't have to read it or act on it. It's better to know what's out there.

    One thing that you may not have tried is to get the "menu" directly from the dancer. What was missing before was a good way to privately get information. A lot of information was being traded on the old site via email. Now, you can do this via PM. You can also create your own private group if you want. That was also not available before.

    One other contact you may not have thought of is the club employee, especially the DJ. They know who is doing what, where and when. They're not going to post anything publicly, but if you get to know them from here, they might give you the full scoop. That's the trick I always use when I go to Vegas.

    Hope you guys stick it out for a bit longer. I can tell you that the old site is not coming back. If you have ideas on how to make this new site better, I'm all ears.
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    February 3, 2012 2:21 PM PST
    Sorry, the main aspect of your complaint that I didn't address was the "Sell Out" part. I agree with you 100% that one of my reasons for converting the website was to try to make more money. I don't deny that. I stopped updating the website since 2009 because I was not making enough money to make it worthwhile for me. I got a few offers to sell and I was seriously considering it. They would have just re-directed the traffic to their website.

    One thing that I have always done in life is worked on projects that I have fun with. Yes, this is not a non-profit website but if I didn't think that people can get valuable information here, and have fun, I wouldn't do it and I would just shut it down.

    The new site has all the elements that was lacking from the old site from a technical point of view. This is the sandbox that I've created. The rest is up to you guys. If nobody plays in the sandbox, it's not useful.

    If there are posts that you think are missing, YOU create a post that YOU would like to read yourself. Then others will read it and perhaps follow your lead. It sometimes takes years for people to convert from lurker to poster. Some never post. But it might be your post that converts that guy. It's all up to you.