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  • Migui How about Da Bears!!!!!!
    September 14, 2014

  • Prod Wassup my PL BROS??!! It's been YEARS but I never gave up on the game! Glad to see LOUASS and SPAWN still holdin it down!!! As for me I had to leave the state for awhile (no I wasn't locked up haha) but I'm back now and ready to hit the scene again! I'll be goin back to paradise next week, where's Sasha??? Later for now...
    Nov 11

  • J-Rocks69 @Abel, thank you for your feedback on your visit to TGC. We appreciate your honesty, and hope you will consider us at a later date. We are currently in the process of "Cleaning House," and hiring better quality dancers who value the importance of customer service. Abel, We apologize for your experience with one of our waitresses. Un fortunately, it's hard to predict whether or not every PL will automatically "find a connection" with one our waitresses on their first encounter in the vIp room. Once again, Abel, thank you for your review and hope you reconsider visiting us again and give us the opportunity to provide you with a more enjoyable time with not only hotter girls but a better variety of showgirls that believe in the importance of outstanding customer service. Happy Lappin'!
    Jul 9

  • Thumper Don't know why, but when its hot outside, at the end of the work day I hope I'm going to pass by a strip club.  Inside its always a cool 69 degrees with half naked girls.  That is a great way to relax before going to the gym or even to go out later in the night.  The best is of course when I also happen to be driving West bound against traffice down the 60 around Hacienda Blvd.   Then it is just win win, blow and go!
    May 4, 2014

  • Sam RTRC - Auja, Brigette, Alexandria [New], Rosy, Lydia, Mila, Vera, Rosaa, Layla, Stoney, Natasha, Fire, Alee, Sapphire, Girlfriend, Cole, Vivica, Latte, Chavon, Cyn, Emmy, Cece, Goldy, Daizy, Brazil, Lexi, Monroe, Asia, Yana, Bambina, Vanesa, Billie, Gorgeous, Nina, Suzy, Hustle Rose, Nessa J [New]
    August 15, 2016

  • mmmm Happy Thanksgiving to the Z community. Enjoyable, informative and fun experience and a good outlet for the hidden side in us.  Thanks too to those dancers who made my time in the clubs memorable.  Also, be thankful that the Toronto Blue jays did not play the San DIego Padres in the 2013 World Series.  imagine a scenario of a ceremonial city bet between Bob Ford and Bob Filner.  The joint press conference statement: "We decided to screw the bet and raid our respective city general funds for a party Winnebago and a bunch of strippers, beer, Vancouver bud and crack.  Equally grateful said Winnebago did not break down near North Hollywood, CA and create a lap dance shortage in So. Cal.   -mmmm
    November 27, 2013